18 Apr 2010

One day all children will have the choice

Because more people are asking, What is so great about the idea of compulsory schooling?

Is it the way kids have to leave the house at exactly the same time everyday? Is is the way they have no evenings or weekends free because there's always guilty homework to do? Is it the way that work always must pass someone else's judgement? Is it how they must be monitored, controlled, watched and supervised? Or have to sit in one place for hours at a time? Is it how they must ask permission to use the toilet? Or take a sip of water? Is it to prepare for assessments, tests, hurdles, barriers? Is it so they can stand up to peer pressure, bullying, humiliation? Is it so someone else is always in control, who tells them with absolute certainty this is the one way, and the only way to do things, even when their hearts tell them different, yet they dare not say so?

And more people will conclude there are simply more satisfying and fulfilling ways to spend a childhood.