26 Sep 2010

Finding out

Not something to be done for a test, not something we do because we must, not something we can pass or fail. Finding out is natural learning, normal everyday, and I bet we never forget the sight of trees like this.

25 Sep 2010


Of course. But it doesn't matter half as much as the making up. That sequence is an essential life lesson all of its own.

24 Sep 2010

Everyday comes as a surprise

Really, when you start on this journey, you never know quite where it will lead. And maybe that is part of the fun.

23 Sep 2010

'I've never met a home schooler before'

Er, you could use your eyes. Maybe observe that large group of mixed-age kids with attendant adults suddenly swamping the local museum?

22 Sep 2010


Late night, dinner out, theatre trip, sociable evening? Of course! No getting up at 7am (for which I'm astonishingly glad).

21 Sep 2010

Art lessons

20 Sep 2010

Without walls

19 Sep 2010

Back to basics

Learn how to cook your own sausages, kids!

18 Sep 2010

Desk work

17 Sep 2010

16 Sep 2010

Time to ask...

What are you thinking? What would you like to do? Where would you like to go? Who would you like to be?

15 Sep 2010

14 Sep 2010

Books, books, books.

13 Sep 2010

Leave it to them, and there's never a moment lost

Totally absorbed, while sitting on a boat.

12 Sep 2010

The child must control the knowledge

...and that may include the right to ignore anything that does not make sense, and anything which does not fit into the pattern of learning set in motion by the child.

I agree, of course. It is educationally very worthy. I take it that also includes the instruction, You can have two cakes each. Two cakes. That is two cakes. Two cakes. Squirrel, stop ignoring me. I said two. Two. Two. Two. No. I did not just say you could have six.

11 Sep 2010

Real maths

What is the volume of a girl's handbag and how much tourist tat can be squished inside, given two hours, a fistful of dollars, and a map of Mong Kok?

10 Sep 2010

Children have the solution

Yes, they do. They can tell you what they need, for any project, circumstance, moment, and time. Adults merely have to listen, understand, and help the need along.

(Unfortunately sometimes the need comes in the shape of 6x3mm lengths of wire that must be twisted with beads and wrapped round a home-made book so tiny it can barely be read by fairies. Then the adult must listen and try not to howl.)

9 Sep 2010

8 Sep 2010

Go on, take your holiday in September

Doesn't it really piss you off how everyone fleeces you if you choose school? Those August travel prices! Surely it's worth finding an alternative education, if only to get your own back on the tourist industry.

7 Sep 2010

Hey! It's back to school!

September already? Phew! Let's go revise the water cycle!

6 Sep 2010

Of course I respect a child's decision making

Yes, well, that is true, and if my daughters say, can they have this or that, then I'll listen and talk, and find a solution or agreement BUT HURRY UP WITH THE RUDDY ICE CREAM CHOICE.

5 Sep 2010

Good advice

In those primary years, we heeded this advice! We never did the repetitive drills, the pointless exercises, and the frustrating hours with photocopied worksheets. Now our heads are in quite good shape.

4 Sep 2010


No, pro education. Which to my way of thinking means that parents shouldn't have to fit in with simplistic set-ups of school vs home. We should all have options for education, for our children and ourselves: community centres, study groups, flexi-school, home-school agreements, short-term, long-term, no state involvement, local authority supported, or registered and unregistered as you and your child requires. That's what I want. A full spectrum of choice to suit me and mine over the years of their growing. (And free beer every Monday. Yes, I want that as well.)

3 Sep 2010

Apparently home educators are not part of normal society

Gawdhelpme I can't imagine anything more normal than this. But I suppose those comments might come from people who live some pretty extraordinary lives.

2 Sep 2010

And I couldn't trust anyone else

When my kids went to nursery, I heard their teacher give an answer to a question. It was so neat, so finished, so complete. But I wanted to say, It depends... the world is more varied than that... it's not always like that. Finding how the world is complex, in ways that you can make, and take part in, is too fulfilling to hand over to a teacher with a noisy class, a timetable, a tick-box, and a ringing bell.

1 Sep 2010

One clear reason to educate out here in society

Because children are children. They need space to look around them, join in when they want, play as they need, and take their time with their family.