31 Mar 2010

We protect freedom of choice

Home educated children can explore who they are and what they like. They can think about ideas and values. They figure out for themselves how they like to dress. They know everyday, personally, what it is to have freedom of choice. Because we live it.

30 Mar 2010

We use playgrounds

But we hear that other children aged over 5 are not allowed here until 3.30pm. And that's the rule, Monday to Friday, for nearly 40 weeks of the year.

29 Mar 2010

Home educators live in society

This society is our society. I want every politician to be in no doubt that home educators take a full role in discussing how it works, what brings it together - and what tears it apart.

28 Mar 2010

Home education encourages thinking

Being able to wonder is not a luxury - it's an everyday experience. How do you create it? Mix time, space, and freedom.

27 Mar 2010

We meet professionals who know their subjects

Today we learn from botanists, geologists, surveyors and planners.

These are our teachers. This is our classroom.

26 Mar 2010

Desks are optional

25 Mar 2010

We learn real world, real life knowledge

Not government-approved exam knowledge, destined to be forgotten when you put down the pen.

24 Mar 2010

Parents are responsible for the education of their children

And that's a responsibility we take seriously, because we believe this education carries forward into the future.

23 Mar 2010

22 Mar 2010

Home educators work together

We listen to others, we tolerate diversity, we create opportunities, we build communities.

21 Mar 2010

Home education is filled with wonders of the world

Which might include dropping into this excellent tour and handling session of Roman artifacts at Fishbourne. Did I mention that home educators are resourceful, opportunistic, free to move about this world and free to take the opportunities it offers?

20 Mar 2010

Teaching takes any form

And much as I might like to imagine it's me, I am only one part of my child's world. Today she prefers to be left alone for two hours in a university geology department.

19 Mar 2010

'Home educators brainwash their kids'

If that means raising kids in an environment that leads to highly educated, confident, independent, self reliant and clear-eyed free thinking citizens, then heck, yes. I brainwash.

18 Mar 2010

Our classroom walls

17 Mar 2010

'Home education is a cover for abuse'

Caught me out. Just when I thought I could get away abusing home educated kids by throwing them to a specialist music teacher, who dresses them up as rabbits and foxes in a workshop on Haydn.

16 Mar 2010

15 Mar 2010

Today's lesson

14 Mar 2010

You just can't predict what will happen in the classroom

I agree. Here is one of our classrooms. And the sight of this football field led to a conversation about patriarchy, the status of men in Ancient Rome, and the concept of virtus.

13 Mar 2010

'Home educators are religious nutters'

Home educators pursue their own truths. In this case, knowledge. And a model of an eyeball.

12 Mar 2010

Compare and contrast...

Local first school...
with local home ed group.

If you were aged 4, which one would you choose?

11 Mar 2010

Home ed is team work

Takes a lot of kids to build a new structure. That's good. Home ed's got a lot of kids.

10 Mar 2010

I can barely type for laughing

Take a flashback to our home ed Shakespeare from last August. Then read how teachers should let pupils walk around the classroom rather than reading the plays while sitting at their desks.


9 Mar 2010

I can protect my children

Because at age seven, I want my kids to breathe in their imaginative worlds, to talk with polar bears, climb mountains, conquer the world with unicorns, fly to new stars, and create world after world of play. From the mechanics of sex at age seven, yes, my children are protected.

8 Mar 2010

Sorry if our education bothers anyone

Nah, scrap that. Not sorry. Actually, feeling quite good that we see the world differently.

7 Mar 2010

Home education is mind expanding

Some people tell me that in school, children can't study some subjects at the same time. And this is called OPTIONS!

6 Mar 2010

'You have to be middle class to home educate'

Eh? No. Don't get the class issue. If you feel you should home educate, you do. There's no class barrier in knowledge. And my mum worked in a laundry.

5 Mar 2010

The home educating life is liberating

We have freedom to choose. Surely no-one will tell me they actually want to be controlled?

4 Mar 2010

Yup. We know what's best for our children

I gave birth to these kids. And by now I know them pretty well, thanks.

3 Mar 2010

Home ed means everyday interaction

There are always people to be with, talk to, meet, and share life. Have you noticed that society outside your front door?

1 Mar 2010

In home ed, each child makes their own curriculum

Why should they accept second best?