31 Jan 2010

Working with books comes natural

It's not forced, not tested. It's voluntary, purposeful, and the achievements are our own.

30 Jan 2010

Motivation comes from each of us

We own that focus and sense of purpose. Which may explain why we can spend five hours in a museum and the time passes in the blink of an eye.

29 Jan 2010

28 Jan 2010

The washing up piles in the sink

A sign that I've been elsewhere, doing something interesting with my life.

27 Jan 2010

The world is our classroom

And you could call this science, if you want.

26 Jan 2010

In play, imagination and reality merge

It makes no sense to me. And I think that's how it should be.

25 Jan 2010

We are everyday outdoors somewhere

But we hear how some people use school to hide their children away.

24 Jan 2010

There is always time for play

Because life can be social, fun, and outdoors.

23 Jan 2010

Taking part in this society...

Sometimes means shopping for clothes. Clothes that don't look like school uniform.

22 Jan 2010

We decide what we like to do, when we like to do it

Pack our notebooks, pencils and reading books, and take a train to a London museum.

21 Jan 2010

We can carry out activities for a real purpose

Let's make notebooks, stitched and bound, to use on our next museum trip.

20 Jan 2010

Shopping for chocolate

Let's just call that maths.

19 Jan 2010

Oops. Reading at 11pm?

Because reading is a pleasure, and the activity never guilty.

18 Jan 2010

Free to go at a moment's notice

Because one thing leads to another, and soon we're in Paraguay.

17 Jan 2010

Origami for five hours? Fine.

It's not like someone sounds a bell to stop us.

16 Jan 2010

Who said that children have short attention spans?

I can't say I've noticed that myself.

15 Jan 2010

Home educators get everywhere

Because we use the resources your community offers. Including, this scout hut.

14 Jan 2010

Geography is pie shaped

More delicious than a worksheet.

13 Jan 2010

School league tables?

I'm sorry? WTF are they for? Like, they're so important, you'd MOVE HOUSE?!

12 Jan 2010

I don't have to fight off the lunch box police.

It also tells me that once you're in school, no part of a kid's enjoyment should be considered private.

11 Jan 2010

Going to the library isn't an educational activity

Their love of books is made from home.

10 Jan 2010

My kids can work at the computer all day

Because I know how they spend their days, and I know when I see balance.

9 Jan 2010

We can be miserable in a post office queue

And if that's not taking a fully functioning citizenship role in today's society, I don't know what is.

8 Jan 2010

We can read 'Skellig' at one sitting

At school, I could have killed this dream of a book, dead. Over six weeks, with homework.

7 Jan 2010

We can eat supper with friends to 10pm

And no-one has to get up early for school the next day.

6 Jan 2010

We play in the snow

How many school children said Bummer, it's snowed. I'd rather go to school.

5 Jan 2010

We can experiment for two hours with water

Try asking the school science teacher for the same.

4 Jan 2010

We can spend the day dressed as a cat

And the school bully can't exploit that

3 Jan 2010

Our kids learn any skill they like

And no-one gives a fig whether it's in the National Curriculum.

2 Jan 2010

You can cook and eat apple pie

Or you could choose a school dinner.

1 Jan 2010

Kids can spend as long as they want exploring ICE

Beat that in your overheated stuffy primary school classroom.