31 Jul 2010

OK, there are a lot of woods, fields, and strange paths

But they're FUN, dammit.

30 Jul 2010

It's not all sports, fields, play, friends and woods you know

I believe sometimes a computer is used in this home ed la la land. We recommend the boffins at Nott'm.

29 Jul 2010

28 Jul 2010

Apparently, home ed kids are 'isolated'

Well, I guess they're in the middle of a river. Does that count?

27 Jul 2010

'Home educating parents are mentally ill'

You may be right there. I'm the sort of person who laughs at a giant teapot. (In my defence, 500 other ill people did the same.)

26 Jul 2010

'And I don't get how a "home educator" can ... provide training in about 10 sports'

So far? Lessons in swimming, ice skating, tennis, skiing, sailing, horse riding, gymnastics, trampolining, and windsurfing. OH NO! You're right! That's only NINE!

(But to make that joke I had to miss out the term the kids spent doing archery. And the bloody ballet and dance lessons. And the adventure weeks involving ropes, orienteering, raft building, fencing, quad biking, roller blading, hiking...)

25 Jul 2010

'Home schooling is an aberration ... it is cruel to children.'

I'd love to see the person who wrote that stand in front of my children and say it.

24 Jul 2010

Garden day

I gave up flowers, and grew children instead.

23 Jul 2010

School desk

One we don't have to clear up at the end of every day. (Thank goodness for that. I have no idea where anything goes.)

22 Jul 2010

It's a maths lesson...

How many minutes can you spend on the swings before the warden comes round to lock up at 6pm? He is at the end of the park, averages three miles an hour walking pace, and has a dodgy leg which slows him down on the gravel. Then add the amount of time you can keep him talking if a) he's in a good mood and b) he's hungry. And if it's not maths, it's called Living in the real world.

21 Jul 2010

20 Jul 2010

'Children who are not in school have a narrow view of the world'

Lady, methinks this blog tells you otherwise.

19 Jul 2010

'A child in school mixes with other children'

A child who is home educated is chained to the radiator. These ones must've escaped.

18 Jul 2010

17 Jul 2010

Look around you...

This world is exploding with rich resources for talking together, for learning, for interacting, for exploring. We don't want to close those options down, send our kids to sit in a room with thirty others, dress them identically, and tell them yes, you'll be spoken to as a group, put your hand up to answer, get used to it.

16 Jul 2010

We live and learn together

And that includes all our wonderful extended family. Even the odd ones.

15 Jul 2010

Let's go to the seaside

No forms to fill in, no-one to plead with, no-one to convince of the educational merits, nothing to feel guilty about. (And then we compared the properties of mudstone and limestone.)

14 Jul 2010

A library visit takes two hours...

I am so very pleased to have this luxury on a morning when the place is quiet. We can chat with the librarian, browse the shelves, and decide which fifteen authors we'll entertain this month.

13 Jul 2010

What do you want to be?

Historian? Geologist? Botanist? Linguist? Scientist? Explorer? Child, you are the expert. Lead us where you want to go, and we'll support you as you travel.

12 Jul 2010

Life is rich with sensory experience

We live and learn with touch, movement, exploration, feeling, thinking. For that, we don't need classroom walls.

11 Jul 2010

We call this being social (and learning about physics)

I suppose the press could use it as an example of unruly youth. You decide.

10 Jul 2010

Apparently, 'school gives many opportunities to do things'

Er, like theatre, outdoor visits, museum tours, workshops, field studies, work with professional artists, scientists, linguists, and the opportunity to take an active daily part in society... things like that? And as for the theatre, we can just go and get the tickets ourselves you know.

9 Jul 2010

Thank goodness we don't set the alarm for 7am

Now we can take advantage of summer nights, and go dancing at dusk.

8 Jul 2010

Someone said home ed kids can't socialise

I thought about that. And I still don't know what they mean. Maybe they're referring to one type of society. Maybe they don't know about the many different ways of being social that we all have. Maybe they just live in a very narrow world.

6 Jul 2010

5 Jul 2010

4 Jul 2010

3 Jul 2010

2 Jul 2010

I always did hate seeing kids wear uniform

The sight of their individuality gives me pleasure everyday.

1 Jul 2010

Maybe home educators are just bolshy?

It's true that we can be a difficult bunch. Home educators usually don't accept things uncritically. We don't immediately give approval or sanction simply because everyone tells us it's normal.

We like to think it out for ourselves. Then you could say, independent, strong-willed, active, adventurous, outgoing, determined. And I'd say these are formidable qualities to pass onto the kids.